After taking my eldest son out of school when he was six-years-old, it didn't take us long to be drawn to the benefits of unschooling. The problem was, after already being exposed to the school structure and national curriculum for so long, it was daunting letting go, even though it wasn't working well for my son, I found myself stuck in a rut. 

I was forever worrying, and it had a negative effect. It was causing me to intrude my son developing his natural interests, worrying about him not learning enough. He was, in fact, learning quite a lot, just not in the traditional way we're accustomed to. 

Cain is 11 this year and has an unschooled 3-year-old brother too. It's taken a lot of trial, error and perseverance between our journey starting and where we are now, but it was when I changed my mindset and thoroughly educated myself on the unschooling philosophy, that we truly found the magic of unschooling. 

Now we've found our unschooling mindset, we want to share that magic with you. 

There will only be a small number of places each time the course is running. This is because we want to provide you with a relaxed and personalised experience, and I want to give you more of my time throughout the course. 

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