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We're going on a Bear hunt topic with free printable

We started the new year off with a 'We're going on a bear hunt' topic for preschool. Lincoln has wanted to get involved in homed ed activities a lot more recently so we're starting to set activities up for him a lot more. We won't be pushing him to do any formal learning before age 7, but we do follow and encourage his interests and he's already asking to get involved because he sees his big brother learning. I printed a few free resources and made some of my own so I've attached some free printable resources at the end of the post.

Here's the activities we done for the topic:

Display area

I set up a small area with a display and put the We're going on a bear hunt book out ready to read. For this I used one of our Christmas boxes on a plastic table to make a display board, we've not long painted so I wanted to avoid covering the walls. I kept it simple with a themed boarder and some word/picture mats related to the story, leaving lots of space for Lincoln to fill with his own crafts and activities.

Role play teddy bears picnic

To read the story, i set up a teddy bears picnic role play. Lincoln had an invitation to a teddy bears picnic and sat with teddies and play food to listen to the story.

B is for Bear printable activity sheets

While Cain has been doing some written work I provided coloring sheets with real bears and teddy bears along with the letter B in uppercase and lowercase.

Paper plate bear

We had some leftover paper plates from Christmas. Lincoln painted one brown and then i printed off bear ears and face for Lincoln to glue on once it was dry. It turned out great and Lincoln is really proud of himself for making it.

Picnic plate craft

Another craft we done using paper plates is a picnic plate by cutting out food pictures and gluing them on, this activity went down well too.

Role play cave

We made a den and filled in with teddy bears for role play of pretending to be or find bears in a cave. We used a colour in cardboard house as a base for our cave.

Bear hunt

I hid bear paw prints around the house for Lincoln to find, then gave him a bear hunt certificate at the end of the hunt.

Get your free We're going on a bear hunt resources on our printables page.

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