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Tips to live more Environmentally friendly without spending more money

Updated: Mar 16

I’ve noticed quite a growth in families aiming to become more environmentally friendly over recent years. I think this is great and change is definitely needed; caring for our environment is something we should all play a part in.

As a home educating family I feel we have even more responsibility to learn how to live more efficiently at home and in our daily live. If the boys learn outside of school then it is on me alone to show the boys to care for the environment.

The only problems that I found when trying to find inspiration of ways we can make changes were... time and money. I Repeatedly came across either actual home renovations, these were amazing but financially impossible for me in the near future. I then found some great DIY ideas from people living off grid, but due to their much slower pace of life they had a lot more time and natural resources to hand than we would. Even looking at minor changes, I was finding things such as “replacing all my kitchen containers etc changing from plastic to glass/metal”, followed by a photo of a set of containers that cost as much as my food shopping for the month.

I decided to think of our own small ways that we could live in a way that’s kinder to the environment, without the need for loads of free time and a big budget.

  • buying birthday/Christmas cards - As much as it’s nice to send and receive cards, there’s really no need for it anymore. It’s easy to send birthday messages over social media and email. If you like to do something more personal, send a letter or make a card out of supplies you already have.

  • Buy loose fruit and veg - as well as saving on packaging, you’ll also reduce food waste by only purchasing the amount of each that you need.

  • Don‘t buy wrapping paper - unless you already have leftovers or someone you know does, use alternative wrapping You have in the house such as craft tissue paper, newspaper or spare fabric. A scarf also makes great wrapping paper that can be reused or even act as an extra gift.

  • Re-use any plastic containers with lids from take away food - Rather than replacing all of your kitchen items for materials that are more environmentally friendly, why not just get lots of use out of the ones you already own or get with food you buy. Replacing everything for better is no good for the environment if plastic is being thrown out to do so.

  • Teach children to recycle properly- Twinkle has some great resources for teaching children to recycle.

  • Buy second hand when you can - whether toys, clothes or home ware. most things can easily be bough second hand in great condition and for a fraction of the price. This is especially good with plastic toys, that are particularly bad for the environment but often desired by children.

  • Use plant based cleaning products such as Method. The wild rhubarb scent is amazing.

  • Switch to an eco friendly washing up liquid such as ecover. air has plant based Ingredients and the bottle is recyclable.

  • Do less worksheets! - the perfect way to not over consume paper.

  • Ditch kitchen roll - not only is it better for the environment to use cloths instead, it will save you money too.

  • Use alternative carrier bags to plastic. Try using a more economic material one instead.

  • Look for eco friendly materials when purchasing clothes and blankets.

  • Borrow instead of buy - If you only plan on using something once, try to borrow the item from someone you know before buying.

  • Repair things - All too often we throw things away when they could easily be repaired. Try fixing things yourself before throwing away and buying new, you’ll be surprised what you can fix.

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