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Swapping worksheets for a chalkboard

Before Cain stopped going to school we would go to parents evenings and be shown a huge pile of worksheets, it looked like he had done loads of 'learning'. It wasn't until we started home educating that we realised all of those worksheets had basically meant nothing to him, he never gained any understanding of subjects from them and never really remembered doing them; they all looked the same with nothing that stood out to help him remember a topic.

When researching methods of learning to see what could work for us, we stumbled across the Waldorf Steiner method, it immediately stood out to us, seeing pictures of artistic main lesson books from children of all ages and colourful chalkboard lessons . Inspired by what we seen , we ordered a chalk board and pens and gave it a go.

This difference in Cain's work was incredible, not only does it look amazing but he actually remembers doing every piece of it and has learnt to take pride in the presentation of his work. All of his work is now done in a single main lesson book, which is already a collection of colourful, memorable learning to be proud of.

As well as all the benefits it has for Cain, we are no longer having to keep piles of worksheets everywhere or print them all the time ,we also need no wifi to learn and can take Cain's main lesson book everywhere with us, so perfect for families on the move.

Why not give it a try!

These Chalk pens are amazing, they are so much easier than trying to use chalks and snapping them all the time and they make the board stand out so much more. Their easily washable with a wet cloth or window cleaner and you can even use them on glass. Cain draws on the windows and it wipes off super easy.

Waldorf chalk boards

Waldorf chalk board

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