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Reading eggs and Math seeds review and FREE month trial

We’ve been lucky enough to be gifted A years subscription to Reading Eggs and Math Seeds online learning membership.

With a pandemic going on it couldn’t have came at a better time. Straight away I found that it’s an easy way to fit some learning into screen time and everything is recorded so you can see what your child has done and track their progress with no hassle. I found this really useful (especially when Cain tried to trick me by going into Lincoln‘s account to do all the preschool learning instead of his own level 🤣).

Reading Eggs

As a Home Educating family that lean more towards unschooling than structures homeschool, it’s a really simple way to track progress and be able to show some proof of learning if a lot of learning is hands on. It would be pretty impossible to keep up with taking photos of absolutely everything you do that isn’t a worksheet; especially when you don’t do loads of worksheets.

Reading Eggs website

Both boys love screen time so the fact that it’s online and interactive was another big bonus for us. Cain isn't keen on too much formal learning after his experience of it in school, but he’s got on quite well with Reading Eggs and Math Seeds. He seems to be quite happy doing it. Lincoln thrives on learning new things and loves a chance to use a computer so it’s great for him.

As we are pretty unstructured and I like to encourage autonomy, I don’t tend to really make the boys do tasks; I offer tasks and encourage them to get involved instead. If they show no interest whatsoever in something, we will just leave it for the time being and move on. Both boys have enjoyed going back to this a few times over the past few months, which is what we aim for when purchasing learning resources.

With so much freedom in their education, it can be challenging picking the right resources for us because if the boys aren’t interested then it will just get left unused (typically, they’ll then choose to do something that didn’t require me buying any learning resources 😆). Reading Eggs and Math Seeds are really easy to keep going back to at the children’s own pace and around your family schedule.

The program is also renowned for helping children learn to read. Although I won’t be forcing Lincoln to learn to read or write before he’s ready, he’s already keen to learn so I think it will be enjoyable for him throughout this year.

If your child is currently learning how to read or you want to get some Maths and English resources, they currently have a FREE month trial for our readers so now is a great time to try it out!

Use this link for your Free month trial.

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