• Zoe Boundy

Lockdown 2020 - it’s not all bad

After many weeks in lockdown I think it’s safe to say that it has been a challenge for us all, especially for the children. Days can feel long and repetitive and we are all missing loved ones. It is a tough time, but sometimes little bits of happiness can come through even the biggest disaster. I think this is the case throughout this pandemic.

Although we are all missing big parts of our normal lives right now and feeling the effects of it, we are also taking a step back from our usually fast paced lives and have the opportunity to appreciate what’s most important.

Your days may be filled with siblings bickering and everyone getting under each others feet, but one day we will all remember how much time we spent with our children just living slowly at home and appreciating short nature walks and just being outdoors in fresh air.

So, amongst all the negative media throughout the pandemic, here’s some of our lockdown Positives.

We may all be struggling right now, but one day we might look back and miss those days we could spend every bit of time with our children creating memories. The time without the rush of modern day life and more simple living.

Share some of your lockdown positives in the comments below.

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