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Ideas for creating opportunities for learning in an unschooling day - with FREE gardening printables

Just because some families choose to follow an unstructured home education philosophy such as unschooling, doesn’t mean that time and effort doesn’t need to be put into creating opportunities. one thing to keep in mind when you create activity prompts for an unschooled child is, they might bot be interested in the task; for the majority of the time, you’re going to have to learn to accept that without getting overly annoyed.

If you think you'll get annoyed setting up activities that aren’t going to get used then just focus on things that aren't too expensive or time-consuming to set up.

It’s also a good idea to keep some of your child’s current interest in mind while thinking of activities; as well as offering opportunities to gain new interest (again, not forced).

Here‘s what I’ve set up ready for tomorrow. We May end up using all of it or none of it, but we have options of things to do if our day isn’t naturally filled. We have hot weather right now and have the boys nan and uncle visiting tomorrow. Other than that we have no set plans. We’ve just started the 1,000 hours outside challenge. At least ten minutes per day should be spent outside before noon throughout the challenge. The challenge itself is a prompt to go outdoors early in the day. I've got some seeds ready to plant while we have our morning outdoor time, we also need to water everything in our garden. I’ll offer both boys to help while we’re outside. If they don’t want to help I'm not really too bothered because they’ll probably go on the trampoline instead which is exercise and fresh air. They probably will at least help a little with this.

Morning basket - I’ll take this outside with us to offer an opportunity to look at some books or play a little game while we have tea and biscuits in the garden.

I‘m putting the sewing machine and a fabric decorating kit out tomorrow with some old pieces of fabric. The boys will probably come and ask about them just from leaving them out. They both love imaginary play so no doubt they will think of something to attempt making.

A game that can be played pretty quickly. An easy way to break the day up and more often than not they are educational in some form. Even this Frogs Frenzy game builds social skills as well as fine motor skills.

Discussion starters are a great learning prompt. Learning through discussion comes naturally in most unschooling families, but there’s nothing wrong with leaving items in site that could spark an interesting discussion. I‘m putting these Photos of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Rocket and the astronauts in our morning basket.

Because we’ve just planted some flowers, lettuce, carrots, radish and pumpkin and plan on planting more tomorrow, I’ve made charts to track our plants growing to offer the boys. You can get your FREE PRINTABLE PLANTING CHARTS HERE.

Free printable kids gardening log
Kids gardening and planting free printable

Keep in mind, I’m leaving these activity prompts around but they may not all get used that day. They could be used on another day if the week or even not at all. Our learning definitely isn’t limited to these things either, they will definitely do a lot more than this without needing any plans In place.

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