• Zoe Boundy

How to turn a bad day around with kids

No matter how much we may try to have a tranquil environment in the home where everything in your day runs smoothly and everyone’s happy, chances are that isn’t going to happen everyday. Some days will just be bad days.

So we can‘t completely avoid having bad days, but what we can do is learn to turn a bad day around. Even when everything’s going wrong, your kids are having a rebellious day, and you feel like your head is going to burst.

We’ve had a few of these days recently. I’ve woken up already not feeling great about the day, and the boys have woke up grumpy or instantly attempting to wind each other up from the moment they wake.

Any plans we’ve had for the day have fizzled out of my mind as more things go wrong. I then realise I’ve spent all morning being a referee and we’ve got nothing done.

By this point getting the boys engaged in doing an activity with me feels impossible. Not only are they wound up and not interested in doing anything I suggest, but i feel drained too.

That’s where it’s time to implement things that will turn your day around and change your mindset about the day.

Here’s some ideas for turning bad days around:

Take a time out - before you attempt doing anything else you need a break. Make sure your kids are safe, it doesn’t matter what they are doing as long as they are safe, then make yourself a cup of tea or drink and either find a quiet spot in your home or sit in your garden and set an alarm for ten minutes time. Don‘t get up and do anything for the kids in this time unless it’s a necessity.

Pick a family happy song - let your kids help you pick a song that you can play when you need to boost your moods. If anyone notices a bad atmosphere in the house or you’re having a bad day, play the song.

Go for a walk or get everyone out in the garden - Not only will the fresh air and sun exposure help boost your mood, but you will all be able to re-enter the house with a fresh mind.

Snuggle with a movie - Get blankets and snacks and snuggle with a movie you know the kids will be willing to sit and watch.

Don‘t beat yourself up over having a bad day - it Will only keep you in a negative mindset. Everybody has bad days and there’s not much anyone can do about it, just accept it and move on. If you’ve lost your patience with your kids through your bad day just apologise, we can’t be our best self 100% of the time.

Share your tips for turning a bad day around in the comments!

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