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Booking a holiday on a low budget

We've just booked a budget family holiday for a really low price so thought we'd share our tips.

Since we have started saving to go travelling, an expensive holiday package abroad wasn't an option for us this year. Wanting to give the kids some practise travelling we decided just to plan a budget few days away. We've already been camping this year so ended up deciding to search for a few days holiday abroad.

We were really uptight with what we were willing to spend on this holiday, determined to not keep us from travelling for longer. Luckily because we home educate our boys, term time wasn't something we had to worry about which made it a lot easier to be flexible with dates. After a few searches on google we managed to book 3 nights in Callela, Costa Brava, the package included return flights, shuttle transport to and from hotel and all-inclusive on food and drinks at the hotel. We got all this paying only an £87 deposit and only £400 left to pay before we leave. Considering we won't need hardly any spending money with our food, drinks and transport to the hotel paid for and were only a few minutes walk from the beach on a child friendly resort.

For anybody that thinks a holiday is out of reach for their family, have a look for a bargain, we did and we got one!

We've put together 5 tips on booking a holiday on a budget:

1) Compare prices - It may seem like an obvious one but it's still definitely worth mentioning. Their are loads of comparison sites out there and some of the difference in prices are huge.

2) If you plan on having lots of budget holiday's Air B&B and house sitting websites are worth having a look into. Imagine how much less it would cost to go on holiday without paying for accommodation and how many more holidays you could go on if you were only paying for flights and cooking some of your own meals as well as the advantage of a heightened cultural experience staying amongst locals rather than mainly tourists.

3) Skyscanner have an amazing feature where you can compare flight prices over a whole month to get the best deal.

4) We managed to book our mini package holiday with two adults and two children spending less than £100 on our deposit. If you need a holiday that only requires a small upfront deposit then look on budget holiday sites and try looking for deals that include flights and hotels together as these offer booking with a low deposit.

5) If your a family of four or more and you don't mind not all being sat next to each other on the flight then try booking your flights separately, for example If we were booking a flight and I booked a seat with one child sat next to me and then my partner booked a different set of seats for himself and our other child rather than us all sat together it would be cheaper.

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