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Creating Bullet Journals with your children

Creating a bullet journal seems to be a big craze recently, and it's not really surprising. For anyone with a busy life a journal is a must have to keep life organised and lower your daily stresses. The problem is finding a journal that fits your needs, with so many to chose from these days its hard to find the right one for you and it can turn out expensive finding your perfect journal too. With the Bullet journal, the world is your Oyster, the idea is that you use your blank Bullet journal (or any plain notebook will be fine if you don't want to buy an actual bullet journal) to fill it however you want, in theory you create your own journal.

Personally, I needed a journal where I could log everything in one place, being a home educator, a writer and running a house, it's not really convenient for me to have loads of diaries for different aspects of my life and I could't find a reasonable price one, that I could use for everything I wanted to. My problem was solved when I found out about the Bullet journal. Basically it's just an empty dot-grid journal and you can buy all sorts of different designs really cheap (or more expensive choices if you're treating yourself).

I've started with this low cost journal from Amazon and have found it perfect for my needs in a journal, without spending loads.

The best thing about it is Cain took an interest in my journal straight away, prompting him to start a bullet style journal as well. He used an unused Harry Potter note book for his and has started to copy the layout of mine and adding his own pages too, he's learning loads of skills from it as we've created Index pages in the front of our journals and we're labelling all of our pages. As well as creating normal diary pages in our books, we're adding all sorts of useful pages personalised to ourselves, we even plan on creating a goal page and a 'bucket list' type page. It's a great way to keep track of all the books we're reading and want to read this year too. Cain joining in and creating his own bullet journal has also got me making more an effort with my own, hoping to inspire him. The fact that the pages are empty to fill with whatever you chose makes it really useful to keep up with everything, because you can log everything in an organised way in one book, it makes it much easier than a traditional diary or journal to use and keep up with using it with a busy life.

Getting started on your bullet journal

Use your first two pages of your journal as your index pages to keep track of your journal pages and your'e ready to start.

Here's some ideas to start filling the pages of your journals that are suitable for both you and your children:

- Reading log

- weekly tasks

-monthly/yearly goals

- Books to read

- Movies to watch

- Daily tasks checklists

- Pen pal page

- Memories

- favourites

- Bucket list

- Birthdays to remember

- Dream log

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