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Books and toys to teach children about Race and Cultures

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The Topic of Racism and lack of equality has filled our News headlines and social media recently; as well as protests filling our streets. Cain and I are already passionate Human Rights advocates, so we do feel strongly that #Blacklivesmatter; as well as disabled and homeless that also still seem to lack a lot of equality right now.

We felt that we should do something to show our support, but at the same time do not agree with how much hate is being spread around social media and between people who are friends and even family members over the issue; this is not how we achieve equality. I am all for protests and peoples' voices being heard, but we are also showing the children of this generation violence and hate instead of peace when they have already had their lives turned upside down throughout lockdown.

When thinking about it, I realised that respectful parenting is an important part to play in anti-racism. Children aren't born racist, or judgmental of anything else; we as a society create that and expose them to it. Instead, we as parents can teach them to treat others equally, by treating them equally as children. Also, by exposing them to multicultural things throughout early childhood and making that the norm, rather than letting them find out about Racism before even learning about other cultures.

Cook Recipes from all over the world, provide some multicultural toys in your child's toy box and some stories on their shelves, both children's equality books and general stories from other cultures. Even play music from around the world. We as parents can make equal normal.

The recent happenings and protests have made a lot of people question if they 'do enough' to promote equality; not just for ourselves but for our children too. A lot of children could also ask questions about racism and equality from being exposed to the media and adult conversations.

I think that a great way of teaching children about Race and Cultures is through books and toys. What better way of teaching equality than providing a range of books or toys for your children that aren't just based on one race or culture.

Multicultural books and toys we love

Here are some of our recommendations, also head over to our printable page where you can get our FREE Human Rights worksheets.

The Story Of Windrush book -

The book is filled with inspiring stories about migrant children. Based on the true-life stories of generations of the Windrush children. A great family read.

We are the Change book -

This beautifully illustrated book is suitable for all ages and filled with uplifting and motivating quotes, from people such as Martin Luther King and Maya Angelou.

Multicultural wooden puzzle -

This is a great preschool toy to introduce young children to different races and cultures.

South African instrument set -

Why not teach cultures using instruments and let children discover the sounds of the world.

Multicultural food play sets -

Allow children to discover a worldwide cuisine from a young age and encourage tasting of multicultural foods.

Multicultural dolls -

If you buy your child multiple dolls, try an by a range of races and cultures.

All are welcome children's book -

A great way to teach younger children equality, and a beautiful book.

Let us know what multicultural toys and books your children love in the comments!

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