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A day out at Mountain View Ranch with Ed The Lion - parenting after loss

After the boys only going for short walks throughout the whole of lockdown, we finally had a few hours out somewhere properly. We went to Mountain View Ranch in Caerphilly; it's open with social distancing measures in place. We decided it would be a great day to take Ed The Lion teddy out with us for the first time.

In September 2019, our youngest son and the boys' baby brother Edward James, passed away only a few days old. We got Ed The Lion to help the boys remember their brother and to include him in our family time. Taking him out for the first time was a big step for me. It took a while for me to feel ready to do it, but it was an important step in both moving forward with the boys and in keeping Edward’s memory alive.

Mountain View Ranch was the perfect place to get out with the boys and get some great photos of Ed The Lion, and loads of the boys too, of course.

We found some fairy poles decorated with ribbons and decided go get some pictures of Ed The Lion on a Fairy pole, with his own ribbons blowing in the wind with the fairy ribbons. There was a magical feel as the sun beamed onto Ed The Lion and his ribbons blew proudly in the wind.

Fairy poles

Parenting after loss can be hard, both parenting living children and parenting a child that has been lost. Each comes with its own challenges, having to be strong for your living children when you feel broken, and then having to learn to parent a child that is no longer physically with you or in need of your physical care; but you are still a parent to them all.

Cain and Lincoln need my time, love and affection; as well as any other things that come with being a parent. Edward needs me in a different way, he needs me to keep his existence remembered and to tell his brothers all about him as they grow older, and to remember to celebrate his life. It may have been short, but it was perfect and so is he.

Edward James

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