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How to make melted crayon art with kids

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We all know kids can get a bit bored of drawing with crayons,. Usually when you buy them more end up broken than used for art, but who says colouring is the only way you can create art with them?

Why not save the next pack you buy, for this awesome melted crayon art and make crayons fun again.

Here's how to make them:

What you'll need

- A pack of unused crayons

- A blank canvas

- A glue gun

- A hairdryer and somewhere to plug it in

What to do

- Firstly you need to line all of the crayons up at the top of the canvas and use the glue gun to stick them in place. It's probably best an adult does this or an older child with supervision.

- When your crayons are all glued on and secure your ready to start melting, we put ours on a chair to melt it, because it needs to be upright. You simply hold the hairdryer in front of the canvas and watch the crayons melt as you blow the hairdryer along them (don't hold the hairdryer too close as you'll cause the wax to spray and make a bit of a mess).

- Simply keep melting until you're happy with the result and leave to dry.

Once you're children have mastered the technique, check out these cool ideas for melted crayon art.


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