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Making an Egyptian death mask

Cain wanted to go back to our Egypt topic for the day last week, so we made an Egyptian death mask. It was really easy and fun to make. It turned out pretty awesome we think!

Here’s how to make your own

What you need:

- large sheet of cardboard

- plastic craft mask

-strong tape

- toilet roll tube

- glue

- Newspaper

- gold paint

-marker pen

What to do:

- draw around the mask on the sheet of cardboard and draw the shape of the death mask around it (see shape below).

- cut out the mask you drew around and cut around the edge of the death mask you drew until you're left with just that.

- Next, take the toilet roll tube and cut a section from the top on one side so it can fit over the chin of the plastic mask, once you've done that, stick it on securely.

- Place the mask inside the cardboard frame you made and tape it down as in the picture below.

-Rip up your newspaper into small pieces and use pva glue to completely cover your mask with the paper. Let it dry so it hardens.

- When your mask is dry it will be ready to paint. We used a tin of metal gold paint and it worked great.

- Once your paint is dry, decorate your mask with coloured tape or gems.

Here's our result

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