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Montessori toys and ideas on a budget

Montessori toys (or materials) have become quite popular and it's not really surprising, the theory behind it makes sense. Children do get overwhelmed with too many toys on display, and there are a lot of great plastic toys around that do all sorts of cool things; but that's the problem the toy does cool things not the child. The idea of a Montessori toy is that it has a purpose and the child has to do something other than simply press a button to make a toy work.

Organise your toys

- Don’t have everything out at once. If you have all your child’s toys out on display, they aren’t really going to know what to play with and they won’t be able to easily find things. There’s more likely to be more mess making than playing. Try having a small shelf to put a selection of toys on and put other toys away. You can change what’s on the shelf every week to give chance for everything to get played with.

- separate toys using baskets or tubs. If you buy a big pile of puzzles or toys with lots of parts, they aren’t going to be played with much if all the pieces are mixed together. Use a basket to put a single puzzles or activities in.

- Sort out your toy pile. There’s probably loads of toys in your house that you don’t need making it harder to play and clean. Try putting your child’s favourite toys aside and then sorting through the rest and ask yourself:

1) Does it get played with?

2) Do you have all the pieces?

3) Is it a Montessori friendly toy? (Mainly wooden, real with a purpose)

Art - Hang art at your child's height level for them to see it and appreciate it.

Activity ideas at home

- Child size washing line and pegs

- play shop with real items

- Play with real age appropriate kitchen items

- Putting cupcake cases into a tin for younger children

- play camping with real or lifelike camping equipment

Here's some great Montessori friendly toys on a budget

Wooden stacking animals

Rainbow stacker

Treasure basket

Schleich animals - they may be plastic but much more realistic design that other toy animals and they even come with the correct footprints, so if you get them out with Playdough you can stamp the animals footprints.

Hammer and wooden peg toy

Wooden farm set

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