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Healthy snacks and easy lunch ingredients to fill your kitchen without emptying your wallet

Being a home educating parent, you can sometimes feel like you need an unlimited supply of food in the house. On some days it feels like Cain has been eating all day and Lincoln won't go without when his brother's got something either. The problem with this is as well as spending too much on shopping, when you have a busy day or have to take food out for the day, it can be easy to rely on unhealthy or expensive prepacked snacks. After a while your either going to end up all eating unhealthy, skint or both.

Recently , in our house we've been trying to have as many healthy/homemade snacks as we can, prepared ready to use for snacks and lunches, suitable for in and out of the house. Here's some of the snacks we've been preparing, we're a meat eating family so our ideas include meat but we will be making a similar vegan snack list in the future.

Hard boiled eggs

Pre-cooked hard boiled eggs are a great cheap and healthy food to have in the fridge, you can use them as a snack on their own, a sandwhich filler or add them into a salad for a quick lunch.


We cooked Falafel while learning about ancient Egypt and it was so cheap and easy to make, as well as being really tasty and a healthy energizing snack or side to a meal.

Leftovers from homemade meals

Don't overfill everyone's plate at meal times and serve leftovers into a container to pop in the fridge or freezer for an easy lunch, pasta and curry dishes are great for this.

Raw vegetables prepared for snacking on

When we use vegetables or salad for a meal, we prepare and slice a few extra to keep as a raw snack.

Rice cakes or bread sticks with hummus

These are a great alternative to crisps or biscuits, when the kids are nagging for snacks and you haven't got much time to prepare any. Cain is a big fan of rice cakes and often asks for them when we go shopping. They are cheap, much healthier than a packet of crisps or biscuit and come with different flavourings, they go great with soft cheese too.

Cold meat slices

Cold meat slices are really good to keep for sandwich fillers, to add to salads or to create a new meal out of by adding into a casserole or stir fry.

Fruit granola pots

We found making our own fruit granola pots is a really good healthy breakfast or desert. We mix granola with berries and natural yogurt and put them in mini tubs in the fridge.


Flapjacks are a great snack to make in bulk for something to eat on the go for the whole family. They're easy to make and you can get super tasty recipes for them.

Here’s a great recipe for sugar free banana flapjacks if you want to be even healthier, they seem to go down well with kids too.

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