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Learning about ancient Egypt - activity ideas and recommended resources

Recently we’ve been doing a project on Ancient Egypt. Cain has enjoyed this topic and we’ve found loads of fun activities for our project. Here’s just some of the activities we’ve done for our ancient Egypt topic

- Cook a traditional Egyptian meal

Cain cooked Falafel and learned how to fry food in a frying pan himself. Falafel was and still is eaten as a breakfast dish in Egypt, the ingredients are cheap and it's a healthy meal that provides lots of energy.

- Usbourne Ancient Egypt puzzle book

This book has been a really useful resource for this topic, not only is it full of Egyptian picture puzzles but the categories in the book are perfect things to cover while introducing Ancient Egypt to younger learners. There's lots of information but no really long paragraphs, the facts are broken up nicely.

- weaving

Weaving baskets and sheets was a common way of earning an income in ancient Egypt and it has the bonus of being brilliant hand work.

- make a pyramid model

We made a simple paper one and will try something a bit harder in the future but there are loads of cool ideas online to make pyramid models.

- Hyroglyphics activities

We've printed off an alphabet in hyroglyphics so Cain could write our names in hyroglyphics.

- Egyptian games

We found an awesome Egyptian game in the charity shop for £1.99. It's the perfect family board game to help us with this topic.

- the story of Tutankhamun book

A beautifully illustrated story about the famous Tutankhamen. We've been using this for tea and poetry /story time.

Mummification activities - We watched a child friendly documentary on mummification, then used bandages to turn both Cain and the teddy into a mummy.

It definitely hasn't been hard to keep this topic fun and interesting, we could easily go on with it for a lot longer. And we're looking forward to going in more depth with it when Cain's a bit older.

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