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Our Halloween activities and a FREE Halloween printable activity pack

With Halloween creeping upon us, we've  doing a few Halloween themed activities and have lots more planned throughout the week. We started off our Halloween activities with the traditional pumpkin carving (our first one anyway, Cain wanted to do more), he wanted a Minecraft pumpkin. 

The next day we tried a different way of using a pumpkin for Halloween decoration, Cain used paints and glitter to decorate another pumpkin, the end result was pretty cool.

Cain enjoyed carving another pumpkin himself too, he wanted to do one without help.

On Monday we looked at pictures of haunted houses and Cain drew his own and we framed it as a Halloween decoration and Cain made a really simple diy Halloween lamp, using a used jar, led tea light and Halloween stickers, then we had some fun with Halloween face paints.

We made a cardboard ghost hanging decoration and decorated it with glue and cotton wool, it turned out really good and we're going to try another decorating another one with something else. 

Our science experiment this week was making fake blood from different ingredients and comparing them.

We've even had spooky themed learning days this week and learnt how the tradition of Halloween first started. 

We're looking forward to dressing up for a Halloween party tomorrow and having fun trick or treating and watching a movie together on Tuesday.

Get your FREE Halloween themed printable pack HERE and have a spooky Halloween!

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