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9 children's learning activities for hand work

In today's age, with all of the technology we have and use, it doesn't leave much opportunity for children (or adults), to use their creativity in their play or work. Worksheets get filled in without any thought or effort to presentation and machines make and do things for us. Hand work is an important skill that can give children the confidence to be independent when they do eventually approach adult life, as well as increasing creativity , which is often forgotten about in our busy modern lives. Here's some simple ideas to get you started,

1 - Weaving

You can use almost anything to make a weaving board. We've made one from sticks found on our nature walk and even found that a basket lid (from a pound shop basket), is perfect to use.

2 - Carving soap

An easy activity for when your'e behind on planning or stuck in on a rainy day. All you need is a bar of soap and something to carve with. You can use loads of household items for the carving such as butter knifes, forks, toothpicks, cocktail sticks or a small screwdriver, it can be fun trying a few different things to carve with and seeing the different effects.

3 - Threading

An easy one for even younger children to do. Depending on the child's age you could give them string or dry spaghetti and let them either thread beads or pasta tubes on.

4- modelling clay or Plasticine

Beeswax is great for modelling if you have it, but any clay or Plasticine will do just fine. You can even use it to practise forming numbers and letters or to make 3d pictures on canvas's.

5 - Lego building

One of Cain's favourite things to do is build Lego, it can keep kids happy for hours on end as well as being a hand-work activity

6 - Finger knitting

This is so easy and fun, it's also perfect for children that like to fidget.

7 - build and light fires outdoors using flint and steel

Cain loves building and lighting fires outdoors as a family and using his flint and steel. A great activity with bonfire night coming up.

8 - Embroidery

You can get really cool kids embroidery sets cheap online and they are the perfect resource for hand work.

9 - Conker necklaces

Collect some conkers, decorate them, then let older children use screwdrivers or similar to put holes in them ready to thread onto string.

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