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Review of Happy Little Explorer boxes

We've recently stumbled across an awesome new family run business called Happy little explorers. Home educating mum, Sophie has created little boxes full of natural treasures, ready for your little explorer to discover the world and grow their curiosity.

They give a choice of a box of 10 or 15, weird and wonderful items to explore, and they all come with an instruction letter for grown ups, and a personalised letter to the child to introduce them to their new discoveries and give some ideas of how to explore them.

Cain was super excited to receive his box in the post, especially as it was addressed to him and the instructions inside had his name on. He's already had a look at everything and we're planning on drawing and finding out about one item a day, until he's learned about them all, he was really impressed that his set included, snakes skin, a quails egg, shark and deer teeth and a civil war musket ball, he even has butterfly wings. We're going to use a magnifying glass to look at them all in detail.

I think the boxes would make a perfect Christmas gift or learning resources for curious children to be able to independently explore the world around them, with these beautiful treasures from the past and present, they're also reasonably priced and everything comes in neatly labelled bag so you know exactly what you've got. I'm really looking forward to using them to inspire our learning in the next few weeks and hopefully increase Cain's curiosity about the world around him. I'll fill you all in on all the cool facts we find out about our items once we've finished exploring.

Take a look on Happy Little Explorers Etsy store and get one sent to you.

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