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A visit to Senedd - National Assembly for Wales

After Cain had a cool learning pack sent to him from The House of Commons, he was really excited to find out we were visiting Senedd (National Assembly for Wales), at Cardiff Bay, for a tour. He's really interested in Parliament and politics and he felt really important going on a visit there.

Our tour started about 11am on Tuesday and it was a business day at Senedd so we were able to watch them setting up ready for the afternoon. We couldn't believe how open the building was inside., with viewing chambers wherever there's anything to see and glass walls surrounding us. The only things that weren't glass were made out of slate or welsh wood and the impressive roof is made out of Canadian wood. Considering this eco-friendly building cost a lot less than other similar buildings in London and Scotland, the design is perfect for it's purpose. We found out that the unusual shaped roof represents a tree with the roots being the main debate chamber.

Cain had the chance to ask lots of questions throughout the visit too, which was good because he had lots to ask. Next time he wants to go a bit later in the day and watch the discussions from the viewing balcony.

We also found out that children as well as adults are allowed to start and sign petitions and only need 50 signatures for their topic to be discussed at the Senedd, Cain was really keen on this and it was reassuring to know that children in Wales have a voice, you don't even have to be Welsh to start a petition.

We're going to spend this month completing the parliament activity book he was sent and learn about bonfire night, hopefully we can finish off the topic with another trip to the Senedd as well.

The visit was free, you just need to ring up and book in advance.

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