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A visit to the national museum of Wales

On Friday, we decided to have a spontaneous home- ed trip to the national museum of Wales. It fits in perfectly with some of the topics we've learnt and are planning on learning this year as well as being a free day out, which is always a bonus.

We travelled there on the train and Lincoln stayed out of his pram most of the way looking out the window, he loved being out of his pram on the train ride, We got off at Cardiff Central station which is only a few minutes walk from the museum, we grabbed a snack in Cardiff queen street on the way. When we arrived, Cain was excited to see the big dinosaur claws on top of the museum entrance, we got a map from reception on the way in to make sure we didn't miss anything on our visit.

What did we see?

We visited their Natural history, evolution of wales, and art exhibitions. We learnt about welsh history, the dinosaurs, space, natural disasters, art and nature, all under one roof. Cain really liked seeing all the Natural disasters displays and information. There was lots to see and we spent about two and a half hours there.

What did we do?

As well as getting to wonder around the many sections of the museum , and watching various videos telling us about space and volcanoes, Cain got to re-arrange wooden picture cards in a frame in the art gallery to create his own piece of art, then before we left Cain got to press a penny in a machine and choose a picture to press onto it, which only cost £1 (and a penny of course). There were toddler suitable toys scattered around the sections of the museum that related to what was in that section too. They also have a gift shop that has reasonably priced small gifts and souvenirs for children too, Cain got a fossil and a crystal and they were both cheap.

Links to learning resources


Disabled/pushchair access

There are steps at the main entrance of the museum but if you get a member of staff, then they will let you in a different way if your disabled or have a push chair, If your visiting alone and need the disabled/pushchair access, I would suggest to contact them in advance for a member of staff to meet you outside and let you in. There is an area you can leave pushchairs in the entrance if you don't want to take them around with you and there are lifts to all areas of the museum once inside. We took our pram around in case Lincoln wanted to sleep and didn't have any problems taking the pram anywhere.

Useful information

If you're planning a visit check their website and see if they have anything special on and the museum is closed on Monday's too which is worth keeping in mind.

We had a great budget day out as a family and Cain learned loads, although I don't think all the other visitors looking for a peaceful day out at school time were so impressed, with Cain being loud and excited all the way around and Lincoln shouting throughout the whole visit because he realised his voice echoed in the museum. Next time we're going to go at 12:30 to have a tour of the art gallery with a guide.

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