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weekly updates: weeks 7, 8 and 9

We've had a really hectic few weeks again. This time it was Cain's Birthday so we've been busy, both celebrating his birthday and planning his Harry Potter sleepover party. The party was great, he had a Hogwarts feast, Harry Potter photo booth, ducking apples, musical statues and a disco and then watched Harry Potter on a projector on the living room wall. They all had loads of fun but it took days to get the house back to normal after it.

We've been keeping up with learning doing number gnomes maths and playing maths games as well as lots of Autumn crafts an Autumn poem and spellings as well as lots of Lego building, spooky face paint and instrument playing. We met up with another home ed family for a day at the park which was fun too, Cain's friend drew him an awesome wizard picture for his birthday.

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Lincoln has been crawling everywhere and trying to walk everywhere too, he wants all of Cain's things.

We've got back into the swing of things with learning now after a hectic month and it feels good to get back to normal. We've been going over everything in Cain's main lesson book because he's just completed his first book and we're waiting for his new one to come in the post, so thought we'd use the time to go over everything before we move on. We've been doing lots more Autumn crafts too, Autumn is brilliant for nature walks and activities. We've even made a conker run (like a marble run but conkers). Take a look at our Autumn crafts blog post to see some of the things we've been up to. Another topic we've started learning about is Ancient Egypt, we've been looking at how ancient Egyptians lived and worked along the river Nile. We've been watching lots of natural disaster documentaries too, this is still one of Cain's biggest interests.

Lincoln wants to get involved in everything now and he loves going to the park, especially on the swings, it's amazing watching him and Cain bond as he grows.

I've also been busy taking part in a Home Education Q&A guest post series on theworldistheirclassroom.blogspot.com, so keep an eye out for that and follow our Facebook page to keep updated on what we've been up to.

Harry Potter DIY Photo booth

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