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Autumn art, crafts, and activities

Autumn is a great time of year. It's my favourite season, the fallen leaves look beautiful on the ground and there's loads of Autumn treasures to find on a walk to the park, but what do you do with your collection of Autumn treasures to get home? Here's a few simple ideas to start you off, whether you home educate like us or your trying to find activities for a fun Autumn weekend or half term, give them a go and make the most of this Autumn.

Autumn glitter collage

Cain used a sheet of A4 plain card and covered it in glue, he then stuck on his collection of leaves and decorated with glitter pens. When it dried we covered it in a clear, sticky sheet to protect it.

Conker run

We had loads of fun with our conkers by making our own conker run (like a marble run). It was really easy and we only used, paper, sellotape and toilet roll tubes.

Autumn leaf sun catcher

We cut the middle out of a paper plate and covered the hole with the clear sticky sheets used to cover school books and got Cain to stick his leaves on there and decorate with glitter before placing another clear sticky sheet over the top. We attached a string ready to hang in his bedroom window.

Autumn display

Clear a shelf or the top of a low cabinet in your home and create an Autumn display, you could use Autumn books, diy banners or paintings and a collection of leaves and conkers, maybe even a Pumpkin.

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