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DIY Harry Potter wands

You can make these awesome Harry Potter style wands really easy and they're brilliant for parties or just keeping the kids happy on a rainy day. All you need to make them is plain A4 paper, a glue gun, double sided sticky tape, and paint or coloured tissue paper to decorate, you could use a base spray underneath the paint if you want to make it a bit better. They don't take long to make and they're a lot stronger than they look too, perfect for wand battles.


- First take your A4 sheet of paper and stick the double sided sticky tape as we've done below

- Roll the paper into a cone shape, as you roll the paper it will stick to the tape, once you reach the tape pop some more tape in the corner of the paper as done below and stick it down to complete your tube (Around the size of a penny on the biggest end and the size of a pea the smallest end).

- Cut the points of either end of the cone to make each end flat.

- Now you use your hot glue gun to fill each end (If you want to make it stronger you can use epoxy resin to fill the inside)

- Leave to dry for 30 minutes or until the glue is hard

- take your glue gun and gently draw a design on your wand with it.

- Once again, let it dry (it will only take about 10 minutes this time).

- Finally your ready to decorate your wands using coloured tissue paper, paint or both; we used a black marker pen to go over the glue on the ends too.

Cain loves his and is planning on using them for his Birthday party, he always breaks the plastic wands we buy him straight away and we can make a few of these at once in case they break but find they don't break as easy as the plastic wands anyway.

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