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A DIY Harry Potter party

Cain has just turned 8, and with him being a huge Harry Potter fan, he wanted to have a sleepover with a Hogwarts feast instead of normal party food for his party this year. When I say he wanted a Hogwarts feast I don't mean he wanted Harry Potter themed party food, he actually wanted a feast like they have in the Harry Potter films (candles, decorations, chicken legs and corn on the cob etc to eat). The party went really well and loved it. We done the whole party on a small budget and done lots ourselves. Here's what we done

DIY Harry Potter Photo booth

We used a spare sheet of brick-look wallpaper as a backdrop and made the photo props ourselves. For the costume and accessories tub we collected all of Cain's Harry Potter accessories we already owned and added to it with DIY wands and broomsticks that only cost £1.50 each from pound world. the Hogwarts blazer is just a plain blazer with an iron-on Hogwarts patch so that was cheap too. The kids had lots of fun with it and it was really easy to do.

Check out how to make these DIY wands for your photo booth below



Luckily for us Cain's birthday is around the corner from Halloween so we were able to buy Halloween spooky pop bottle labels, a cake stand and a few other spooky bits, but we didn't really need to buy a lot. We used a Harry Potter poster Cain already had, a red single bed sheet for a table cloth as well as lots of LED tea lights, tall candle sticks and a Hogwarts flag for the wall; we topped it off by buying 3 owl balloons. We used Cain's toy wands as well as DIY wands to create a wand shop.

Hogwarts feast

For the feast we used foil trays instead of party plates with plastic wine glasses. We even magical name badges to show where to sit at the table. The food didn't cost much either (most of we bought frozen) this is what we served

- Yorkshire puddings

- Frozen chicken and stuffing roast with no bones

- Chicken legs

- sausages

- Really small joint of beef

- Roast potatoes

- Corn on the cob

- Mashed potatoes

- Mixed vegetables

- Gravy

- Pizza (in case someone didn't like it)

For drinks we served shandy pop with a Butter beer label and pop with spooky Halloween labels

It went down surprisingly well and nobody seemed to miss the party food.

Hogwarts express sweet trolley

For this we used Cain's folding desk with a Halloween cloth and tray for sweets on it. We used Freddo faces as chocolate frogs and normal jelly beans as Bertie bots sweets. We than cut out wings to stick on Ferraro Roche's for golden snitches. we filled the rest of the tray up with a mixed sweet bag and spooky flying saucer sweets

Harry Potter Birthday cake

We were very lucky to have my mum who's brilliant at making and decorating Birthday cakes so she made him an amazing Harry Potter spell book cake. For the fairy cakes we just bought a cheap pack with blobs of coloured icing on and used a black icing pen to draw the lightning bolt scar on them.

Disclosure: The above Amazon links are affiliate links to some of the items we used for our son's party

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