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Our Home Education plan for this year

Even though we don't really follow school terms, Cain's birthday is in September and so is Lincoln's so it makes sense for us to start our learning year in September so we can keep track on the progress we're making. We don't follow the national curriculum and although tweaked to our family and our plans we use a Waldorf inspired curriculum. We don't buy our curriculum we make it ourselves as we want to keep lots of time free for topics the kid's chose to learn about too, but here's an overview of our learning plans for this year.

Language Arts/ English

- Grammar: Describing words, sight-word recognition, Capital letters, full stops and question marks.

- Word hunts: this is one of Cain's favourite English learning activities and a great way to learn new words.

- Stories: Silent and out loud reading practise, practise reading through reading own words from main lesson book, story re-call, listening to stories

- What we'll read: Animal fables and legends from around the world and important people throughout History and Harry Potter of course.

For Cain to read himself, we've been picking up books such as Winnie the Witch and Cops and Robbers from the library and he's really enjoying them.


- We are going to carry on learning the four operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and division) using The Number Gnomes Mathematical Tale stories and lesson plans, which are really fantastic. .

- Begin multiplication by skip counting and counting by 2, 3, 4 and 5.

- Minecraft and Lego Maths software


- Gardening: volunteer at local community gardens and grow things at home.

- Weather and day and night: Cain loves the topic of Weather so this will be an easy one

- Nature: Forest school activities, Seasons (What happens and what grows when)

- Fun Science experiments and Wizard's potions

History Geography and social studies

- Multicultural stories from around the world

- Introduction to flags continents and maps with fun and easy activities

- Lives and works of inspiring people throughout History

Visual and performing arts

- Form drawing

- painting with watercolours - theme: Places

- Beeswax modelling

- Singing and instruments

- Drama: making our own Harry Potter movies

- Fun/Seasonal crafts

Movement, PE and games

- Circle time: fun games to start the day

- Trampoline

- Dance

- Activities with balls and hoops


- Knitting patterns of knit and purl

- Woodwork and electronics projects with Dad

- Lego building


- Monthly cook-out with Nanny Sharron

- Different types of Bread

- Seasonal soups

- Yummy desserts

Foreign language

- Continuing Mandarin through songs, poems, games, simple conversations and stroke order practise: Numbers to ten and common phrases


- Keyboard practise and typing

- Helping with blog

- Photo editing

- Introduction to coding

Does anyone else that Home Educates make plans like these? Let us know in the comments if you do.


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