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Weekly updates: Weeks 4, 5 and 6 - What we've been up to...

We've been super busy these last few weeks sorting the boys Birthday's and planning activities for Autumn, so I haven't posted our usual weekly updates. We've done a Not back to school photo, been shopping for birthday stuff had a cake smash photo shoot for Lincoln's first Birthday and super hero photos for Cain done by a very talented family friend, and had family over for a tea party. We've started learning lots of new things too, our new Art topic is Places and were carrying on with painting using water colours through Autumn, we've got a brilliant book that is full of famous Art with the theme of places, along with sections showing us how to recreate the art; another thing we've been carrying on with is Number Gnomes a mathematical tale, which has been working really well for us so far. We've started reading Beatrix Potter books during the day time starting with Johnny the town mouse and Harry Potter - The prisoner of Azkaban at bed time. Harry Potter is a theme we're using for learning activities right now too with Cain's birthday coming up (he wants a sleepover with a Harry Potter feast), he loves Harry Potter so it's a good way to get him involved with activities ready for his birthday. Lincoln has started taking a few steps and standing unsupported, we got him weighed today and he now weighs 22.2 ounces.

Cain has nearly filled his first main lesson book now, he only has a few pages left. The quality of his work in the Waldorf main lesson book compared to what he was doing on worksheets is a huge difference and the way he presents his work in there has encouraged him to be a keen little artist, that naturally starts creating pictures full of amazing colours without prompting often, now he's realised he can actually do it; he had in his head for so long that he couldn't draw colour or present work nicely but now he's realised he can do it the barrier is gone and he loves it; by filling the main lesson book like he has he's created his own revision book full of colour and detail, and the words he'll be reading to revise from will be his own.

First Birthday cake smash photo

First Birthday Hot air balloon photo

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Home Education books and activities

Home Education Not going back to school photo

Home Education Waldorf Steiner Water colour painting of Mount Fiji

First Birthday tea party

Family photo

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