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Lincoln turns One

This week Lincoln turned One. To celebrate he had a cake smash photo shoot and a tea party with family and our neighbours, topped off by an awesome Telletubby Birthday cake made by my mum. He had a toddler slide for his birthday with some wooden toys, clothes and mini handmade brother dolls, he loves all his new toys and Cain loves them just as much. Luckily Cain is a skinny kid and can still fit his bum on the slide to use it even though it's only up to age 6 and he's nearly 8!

The cake smash photo shoot was fun too. Lincoln had some really nice photos in a basket that looked like a hot air balloon and then moved on to the cake smash where he basically just sat their eating so much cake we thought he would make himself sick. We still can't believe he is a whole year old already, this year has gone so fast and he's grown so much from the 6 pound 8 ounce baby boy we met twelve months ago.

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