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10 sleepover ideas for boys

With Cain being a bit older this year , he has started going to and having sleepovers. We've had a few sleepovers at our house recently and Cain really enjoys them, he even wants a sleepover birthday party. The only problem is trying to think of fun activities and ideas for boys' sleepovers because a lot of girly ideas come to mind when you think of sleepovers. To solve this, we have made a big list to give us and you enough ideas to keep the kids busy and host an awesome boys sleepover.

1) Make a fort/den to sleep in -Cain has done this for his sleepovers twice now. It's a super easy sleeping solution and the kids were really excited to go to bed with torches and sleeping bags.

2) Camping in the garden - Great for older kids to feel independent having a cool camping sleepover. You could make hot chocolates and roast marshmallows in the garden for a real camping experience.

3) Nerf gun battle - If you have a few Nerf guns or your guests can bring their own, then stock up on Nerf darts and let the battle begin.

4) Airbrush tattoos - Give all the guests cool airbrush tattoos . Cain is really lucky as his friends mum does airbrush tattoos and face painting so he's had a sleeve airbrush tattoo a few times now.

5) Create a Rock band and record a music video.

6) Casino night - Set up games with Vegas props or decorations and serve American snacks. We have done this when Cain has had a friend over and they had loads of fun.

7) Pizza making party - Put out a selection of toppings, give the kids a small pizza base each and let them create there own pizza. Cain has even made Minecraft pizza.

8) Make masks and photo props for a fun photo shoot - Print mini photos for your guests to take home or even create a slideshow on discs for them to take home.

9) Set up fun Science experiments - Let them be mini Scientists for the night by setting up mini experiments.

10) Giant Lego collaboration - Set out a few large base plates on the floor or a table and get them to build a giant Lego project together.

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