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Not Going back to school

The time of year has come where everybody's about to start the new school year, getting uniforms ready, new school equipment and preparing for lunch boxes and school runs to start again. I didn't know how I would feel this first year of everyone 'going back to school' and first day of school snaps and status's all over social media, I didn't know how Cain would feel about other kids going back to school either; but now the time has come it feels quite normal for all of us, 'not' going back to school. We all feel ready to get back into our home-ed routines and activities and have decided not to have set holiday's from 'learning' from now on, we'll still get involved in local activities during school holidays but we're no longer going to pay attention to school term dates, because we don't do the type of learning that a child would need a break from and even days when no structured work is done, learning still happens, it doesn't just shut off. We are starting the new 'No' school year with both of the boys Birthday's to celebrate in September and a short family break to Calella, Costa Brava in the beginning of October. We're looking forward to lots of nature activities as we watch the seasons change as well as lots of trips to the library and park. Cain will be old enough to join the local library's Minecraft group so he's excited to start that too.

We're all excited to continuing our learning journey together, at a pace that suites our family; with an exam-free childhood full of imagination.

So to finish off whether you're going back to/starting school or Home Edder's, Free Range Kids would like to wish you all a fun and stress-free start to the new school year.

PS: We don't spend all day in our pyjamas. Cain got to chose the outfit he wanted for the photo and picked Batman pyjamas.

Zoe x

First day of term Home Education

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