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Weekly update: Week 3

Monday -

We watched YouTube videos to find out how butter is made, then decorated mini canvas's with Plasticine and Cain went on his trampoline, done a word hunt and went out on his scooter.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday -

This week has been really quiet, Cain has been to a sleepover and has gone to a summer group at the local leisure centre for a few hours for 4 days this week. We've been reading a Winnie The Witch book together in the evenings and tried out an audio story from the library Friday night. Cain has been using the Plasticine to make a Minecraft village.

Saturday -

The boys had a sleepover with grandparents and went to Aberdare Park, so we had a night off! We also made the most of not having the kids around and starting to buy birthday presents for them.

Sunday -

When the boys got home we mad chicken salad wraps for tea, then went Blackberry picking, we're going to make Blackberry Muffins tomorrow to take on a picnic and we've got some fun learning set up on the chalk board to get done too. Tonight I'm going to try a Hypnosis session to try and cut down my Caffeine intake with Hypnosis Ninja , wish me luck!

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