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What are your bad Habits?

The majority of us have got some type of bad habit in their life that they never seem to manage to kick, whether you eat too much junk food, smoke cigarettes, have a high Caffeine intake or even a completely random habit that you just can't stop, whoever you are you usually have some type of weakness or frequent over-indulgence.

For me it's Caffeine, I drink way too many cups of Tea and Coffee; especially when writing articles or blog posts. I've tried many times to cut down the amount of cups I'm drinking and I've tried to swap it for other drinks but nothing seems to work. With this in mind, when I had the opportunity to try out one of Hypnosis Ninja's sessions and seen they offer one for Caffeine addiction I decided to give it a go, I would usually be quite nervous about something like this, but with Hypnosis Ninja you simply purchase the session of your choice (There's 50 sessions to chose from) and play the session in the privacy of your own home at any time that's convenient for you. Considering a session only costs £9.99 Hypnosis Ninja is bound to be worth a try if you do have any habits you want to kick, looking at the options on their website I could have easily chose more than one that's relevant to me and a lot of other people I know. I've purchased my session and am ready to give it a try tomorrow when the kids are sleeping over their Grandparents.

Have a browse through their website and I'll be giving my own review on a Caffeine addiction session soon.

Have any of you tried Hypnotism before? Let us know in the comments!

Click here to have a browse.


Click here to kick your caffeine addiction with me!

Coffee and Coffee beans

Here's just a few of the other problems they help with

Changing your relationship with food.

Fast food

Curing insomnia.


Fear of flying.

Aeroplane flying

Fear of the dentist.

Dental surgery

Fear of spiders.


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