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20 Rainy day kids activities

On rainy days when you have nowhere to go it can get frustrating trying to keep the kids occupied, even with a house full of toys the kids still get bored. Here's a few ideas to keep them busy on rainy days and lazy days.

1) Paper aeroplanes - It may be simple but can create hours of fun. You can even get the kids to decorate the paper your using first to make a variety of aeroplanes to play with together.

2) Plasticine play - Get the kids to create their favourite characters etc out of Plasticine.

3) Make a play shop - Use real or play money and collect things around the house up to pretend to sell.

4) Read about a magical place and recreate it in a picture - Roal Dahl books are brilliant for this. For example you could read the chapter that describes the chocolate room in the factory and get the kids to re-create it. We used Enid Blyton's famous five go to Treasure Island and have started to make a model Island

5) Make a fort - One of Cain's favourites on this list, building a fort or den always keeps him occupied for hours.

6) Make a scrap book or collage out of magazine pictures and words - collect any old magazines or newspapers you have lying around and use them to get creative.

7) Create your own family Talent or Rock show - If you don't own any instruments then try making them out of everyday items or learn/write a song to sing.

8) Make your own board game - Use the back of a cereal box and coloured card to make a board game, Snakes and Ladders is easy to make or you could even invent your own if your'e feeling creative.

9) Make handmade birthday and Christmas cards - Make a list of Birthday's or other celebrations coming up and make handmade cards for everyone.

10) Have an indoor picnic - Go all out and get the picnic blanket out and even a picnic basket if you've got one.

11) Learn to weave, knit or sew - You can use almost anything to practise weaving, we've used a plastic basket lid here.

12) Draw or paint portraits of each other - Cain painted this one by copying a photo of him and his brother, it's painted on a blank canvas so he was happy we could hang it up afterwards.

13) Look at old photos and learn about your family tree - Talk about what Grandparents and Great- Grandparents jobs were and chat about how times have changed, you could make your own family tree too.

14) Have a bake off!- Bake more than one type of cake and judge which one's best

15) Lego - challenge your child to build things out of Lego or start a big Lego project together. Cain has built his own McDonald's, Hogwarts and Minecraft village recently, he spends days building them.

16) Sit by a window and read a story, listening to and watching the rain fall - Sometimes it's nice just to appreciate the little things.

17) Play Charades - A family classic

18) Start a family DIY project - Big or small not only does it keep the kids busy but it can give a huge sense of achievement too as well as quality family time.

19) Write letters to family members or pen pals - Practise writing skills and use a rainy day to keep in touch with people you don't see often.

20) Go for a rainy walk and find some puddles to splash in - Rain doesn't always mean you have to stay indoors, grab your wellies and coats and enjoy the outdoors.

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