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Awesome Personalised Video Birthday Invitations with Mini Epic

With it being our first year with kids whose Birthday's are in the same month, we've been looking for hassle-free ways to organise two special birthdays in not much time. Cain is turning 8 this year and is expecting a cool party with his friends, but with any party comes loads of organising and because Cain's home Educated I can't just put a pile of invitations in his school bag so even though we have lots of people to invite, it would be hard seeing them all before Cain's birthday to give them the invitations, with this on our mind we were relieved to be able to try out Mini Epic's personalised video invitations. As well as Cain being impressed that he has cool video invitations to send to all his friends it has made organising his birthday a lot easier for us. One thing I've always hated about sending party invitations is you want to send them early enough to give people notice so they can keep the date free but you then worry about everyone forgetting closer to the time and end up contacting everybody you've invited to remind them. The fantastic thing about Mini Epic invitations is not only does it send the initial invitations online where they are less likely to get lost, but you can even remind your guests closer to the date of the party if you haven't had a response.

Cain has chose the 'Video Game' theme for his invitation, he loves it, his picture is even in the animated video and he can't wait to send them out. For just £9.99 you get 30 personalised invitations with the theme of your choice. there's quite a few to choose from including plus more coming soon. Due to the company being new the website currently works better on the desktop version rather than mobile at the moment. Another thing I liked about Mini Epic invitations is the fact that as well as sending the video by email to your guests, it is downloadable for you to keep for memories or share on a private group on social media for any guests who don't check their emails. At £9.99 there certainly worth a browse at if you have a birthday coming up soon.

Check out the videos below and see how it works and some exaples!

How it works


Baking Party

Any party

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