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Weekly update: Week 2

Monday - Today we read Matilda goes to London and done some learning activities related to it. Lincoln is trying his hardest to walk and spends all day shouting and waving.

Tuesday - Cain had a sports club in the local leisure centre 10am until 2pm and he loved it. After that we all went to the library to pick up some new books for learning, we found a really cool children's story book about Welsh miners.

Wednesday - We went to see the miners statue that's featured in our library book for our next topic and had ice-creams, in the afternoon Cain got stuck into his latest Lego project and went on his trampoline.

Thursday - Cain made up his own shop in the living room and filled the table with items from around the house to sell, he made us buy things from his shop and used his toy money and wrote on pieces of paper for receipts, then he went on a bike ride before tea. In the evening he watched a documentary on welsh coal mining.

Friday - Today Cain played shops again, and we read a lovely book called The Mouse and The Coal mine and done some activities (read about it in our post 'The Mouse and the Coal Mine. We went for a nature walk in the afternoon and had a lazy evening.

Saturday - We had our first ' Monthly cook-out with Nanny Sharron today , check out our blog post about it coming up this week! Cain had fun cooking cheese wheels and fairy cakes. After that Cain's friend came over for a sleepover, we made an army den with sleeping bags in the playroom again. Cain really enjoys doing this when he has a sleepover.

Sunday - Cain's friend spent the day with us today and we had a Sunday lunch. Lincoln loves it when he get's be with Cain and his friends, he really wants to join in playing, he's started standing up this morning without help; time goes so fast.

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