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30 topics we've learned about in the last few months

Whether your'e a Home Ed family looking for fresh learning ideas or your'e looking into Home Education and want to know what people get up to, then take a look at our list of just some of the learning we've done in our first year of (mainly child-led) Home Education.


For most of our Maths learning we have used The number Gnomes mathematical tale, which is Maths taught through story, we love it and Cain seems to get really engaged and remembers everything.

Roman numerals

Place value

Recognising and organising numbers to 100

Introduction to Telling the time


Hundreds, tens and units

Measurements - We took measuring tape out the garden and measured a big list of garden items.

English and creative writing

Book inspired topic - Madeline, as well as the original Madeline we read Madeline in London and done some London related activities.

Book inspired topic - Enid Blyton The famous 5 go to treasure Island - We've been reading this one at bedtime and have started using the story for activities during the day, we have been making a model of the island the children explore in the story.

Recognising and spelling common words - Word hunts have been a really easy way to get Cain to learn words, we get him to write the words down while we hide flash cards with words on all around the garden, we even use blue tack to stick the to walls and fences.

Learning to read - This year after never really being interested Cain has been learning how to read, we took the pressure to learn away and now he's learning really quickly and enjoys listening to stories more too.


Pirates - Cain dressed up as a pirate, we made a treasure map, learnt about North, South, East and West and got loads of books from the library and Cain also wanted to learn about all the pirate weapons.

Dinosaurs - We looked through lots of dinosaur books, drew fossils and

Music and Media studies

Making Harry Potter inspired movies - Cain is a huge Harry Potter fan and gained an interest in how movies were made this year, so we made some of our own Harry Potter inspired movies.

Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Phantom of The Opera. We learnt about the story of The Phantom of the opera, listened to opera music, made masks and wrote facts about the musical.

Guitar lessons - This year Cain started guitar lessons, he already owned a guitar and Jamie plays so had taught him a bit, but he's started lessons with a tutor this year and has made really good progress.

Instrument free-play - Cain has a drum set, electric and acoustic guitar, a keyboard and a trumpet. We also have a Triangle, Ukulele and some other little bits as well as Rock band PlayStation game; our house gets noisy.


Mandarin - numbers 1 - 10. As well as being a fun and interesting language to learn, Mandarin requires you to learn stroke orders to write the numbers correctly so we find this helps with improving memory skills too.

Arts and crafts

Making a shaker instrument - We love instruments in our house and this one was really easy to make with good results.

Drawing with charcoal and Beeswax crayons - We got Cain to draw the Miners memorial statue near our home in normal pencil and then got him to draw the same picture in Charcoal. We bought Beeswax crayons for the first time this year and we love them Cain has learnt how you can layer the colours with them.

weaving and sewing - We try to include some Waldorf activities in our learning and this one is perfect for easy learning on a rainy day.


Tsunamis and Volcanoes - Extreme weather and natural disasters are Cain's favourite topics this year, he's really interested and wants to keep learning more.

Parts of a plant and how things grow - We've been growing lots of flowers, fruit and vegetables this year and we done learning activities associated with plants then got a plant science experiment book from the library which was a great resource for finding simple experiments that showed what plants needed to live and grow.

Wizard chemistry - With Cain being a huge fan of Harry Potter and all things Wizard, we used a wizard Science set as an introduction to Chemistry experiments.

Solids, Liquids and gasses - We set out a selection of Solids and liquids on the table and got Cain to decide what they were, we learnt definitions and we watched solids turn to liquids using ice, candles and gravy granules


Trampoline - We have a trampoline in the garden and Cain's been obsessed with learning to do flips, we've taken him to Go Air indoor trampoline centre in Cardiff too.

Cycling - He's got a lot more confidence riding his bike this year and he's been up the park lots riding it.

Swimming - Were lucky enough to live really close to a small indoor swimming pool so Cain gets to go swimming quite often while were living here.

Dance routines - Cain loves copying dance routine videos on YouTube and making up his own break dancing routines.

Archery - Cain has been doing Archery in our back garden on and off for about a year


Baking cakes, making bread, making pizza


Camping skills - We've been on a camping trip this year and done lots of outdoor activities such as lighting fires and roasting marshmallows.

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