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Weekly updates: Week 1

Monday -

Today was a lazy day in our house. Cain learnt about solids, liquids and gases, we put a selection of solids and liquids on the table for him to say what he thought each one was then watched some solids into liquids,we let Ice cubes melt and lit a candle and watched the wax melt. After that he went for a scooter ride while Lincoln had messy play with spaghetti. It was quite a sad day too, Cain has two albino rats and one of them has randomly became paralysed (which their apparently prone to), Cain was really brave and caring this evening comforting Thelma the rat.

Tuesday - We done wizard science experiments today, we haven't really been anywhere because Thelma the rat is really ill and Lincoln has been teething the past few days.

Wednesday - Today we played The Beatles Rock band! Cain loves playing this and knows all the songs. Our rat is seeming a little better. This photo was taken a whole year ago today, time goes so fast.

Thursday - Cain helped me write an article today on Halloween costumes and we went for a walk to make the most of the dry weather.

Friday - Cain had his friend over today, we took them to the library for crafts and an animal event where they got to see a mouse, tarantula and a bearded dragon Lizard while Lincoln played with the library toys and looked through baby books. We went for ice-cream afterwards then went food shopping before spending the night watching movies with lots of snacks.

Saturday - Today Cain had his two cousins over for a sleepover. They slept in sleeping bags in an army den we made them in the play/learning room.

Sunday - The boys went to the park and then Nan visited today and we had to clean up the crazy mess from the sleepover and plan and prepare for the week ahead.

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