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Messy and sensory play for under ones

Sometimes it can seem hard to play with your baby when they're really young, but play is important even for babies that are too young to 'play properly' they still get loads of benefits from sensory play, as well as being a way of bonding and experiencing your first play time with your baby. Here's some of our top sensory and messy play methods that Lincoln loves and they're all free!

1) Yogurt finger paint

This one is both easy and edible. All you need is yogurt and food colouring, you mix a tiny drop of food colouring into the yogurt and your'e good to go. Lincoln loved getting messy and it was really easy to clean.

2) DIY sensory bags

These are so easy to make yet one of my favourite things on here. Another really good thing about these is the fact that they're suitable for a really young baby. I made these for Lincoln before he was playing with any toys at all and he got to feel loads of cool textures and the hair gel ones feel cold against skin which he liked. I found the best thing to use for them were blue value hair gel and foam alphabet shapes (I did want to make one with small toy fish but I couldn't find any).

3) Instruments

If you don't own any instruments just make shaker toys with rice or pasta. Lincoln loves hearing the different sounds of instruments, we let him strum our ukulele and we have a triangle and keyboard that he likes, he loves to try and copy sounds we are making with instruments and even just items around the house.

4) Treasure baskets

These have been used for decades and are still super popular. You can make them to suite babies of all ages and fill them with all sorts of bits and bobs. Use things such as whisks and bowls, bottles with beads or rice inside to roll and shake, plastic cups and bowls, anything safe you can find around the house really.

5) Spaghetti fun

This is probably our foodie baby's favourite. He gets super excited to see a huge mountain of something edible on his high chair tray. Lincoln loves playing with it and feeling the texture, he also eats way too much of it. You can make rainbow spaghetti with food colouring which looks amazing but I just use plain spaghetti because he eats so much of it

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