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Fun with The Wizards Lab Magical Science set

Cain is a huge Harry Potter fan so anything related to wizards is usually a winner for us. We ended up opening it on a rainy day where we didn't have many plans. We usually do Science experiments with things around the house rather than Science kits but it's always handy to have a few activities lying around for when your plans fall through.

The kit is just £8.30 with free postage and it includes:

- 1 magic wand

- 3 test tubes

- 1 test tube holder

- 1 cut out wizard's hat

- 1 sticker sheet

- 1 medium scoop

- 1 large scoop

- 1 pair of goggles

- 1 packet of baking soda

- 1 packet of red cabbage powder

- 1 packet of citric acid powder

- 1 packet of Zinc sulphide powder

- 1 packet of cross linked powder

These are the activities that it comes with the instructions to do:

- Make a Wizard's hat

- Spellbinding coloured powder

- Fizz, froth and bubble

- Crazy fizzy potion

- Create a lava wand

- Mysterious fizz and foam

- Make a wand

- Colour changing lava

- Glowing, bubbling magic potion

What we thought:

Cain had a really good time doing this, he chose to create a lava wand and Glowing, bubbling magic potion. The instructions were really easy to follow and he could do the whole experiment himself (he's 7). We did try to make the wizard hat too but couldn't seem to do it ,that one part wasn't very good but Cain didn't seem to mind once he'd started the experiments. They were really quick and easy and the results were really good, I liked that Cain could do it himself and it didn't take any preparation, we did need to use a tiny bit of vegetable oil for the lava wand but everything else was provided.

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