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Family nights/days in!

There's always ideas everywhere for family days out, but what about family days in? Especially during the summer holidays where lots of families have already spent loads of money on days out or are running out of ideas where to go. We've created a list of fun things to do as a family right from the comfort of your home.

Casino night

Get everyone to dress up smart and set your dining (or coffee) table up for a night of games, whether it's poker, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders or snap with American snacks. Cain had his friend over for a Casino night and we used Monopoly, Vegas playing cards for Snap and played Simon Says, we decorated the table Vegas style and gave them fake poker chips and Vegas money. Both of them had loads of fun and we'll definitely be doing it again.

Indoor camping

Camp in your living room together use lots of blankets or sleeping bags and sleep on the floor with camping style snacks like hot chocolate and marshmallows in camping mugs and hot dogs and burgers

Family Triathlon

3 family activities one after the other e.g Bake cakes, play a game then watch a family movie

Talent show

Assign a family member to be the judge and get everybody to rehearse an act for a talent contest at the end of the day

Cook your own take-away together

As well as being healthier and cheaper than going out for food, it's a really fun way to bond as a family and teaches your kids valuable life lessons

Make a movie

Bored of staying in for movie nights? Why not use you're phones, tablets or video cameras to make your own family movie, you could rein-act scenes from popular movies or even get the kids to make their own story line.

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