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meals you can cook when you're camping

Of course there's the obvious camping meals that we all think of such as burgers, hot dogs, cereal and bacon, sausage and egg, but if your camping for more than a few days and don't plan on eating out much then it's gonna start to get boring. Check out this list of 10 proper meals that you can cook while camping that aren't your obvious camping cuisine:

1) Jacket potato and beans/tuna

A Jacket potato always tastes delicious when cooked on a BBQ, just wrap it in foil and don't forget your tin opener.

2) Omelette sandwiches

You may feel more like your on Welsh comedy 'Gavin and Stacey' but omelette sandwiches can make a nice change if you've had the traditional camping fried egg, sausages and bacon a few times already.

3) Tinned soup with campfire toasted bread

Nothing warms you up better on a cold night camping than tins of soup and add some bread toasted on the campfire to fill you up.

4) Couscous stuffed peppers roasted on the BBQ

When your fed up of eating meat this one is simple and tasty.

5) Beans on toast

Maybe a bit obvious but still a camping winner

6) American grilled cheese sandwiches

Use your frying pan to make American style grilled cheese sandwiches for a hot lunch on a cold day.

7) pasta with meatballs

Cook pasta on a camping stove and fry or BBQ some meatballs then a tin of tomatoes or a jar of pasta sauce to stir the meatballs into for a comfort on a day your missing home.

8) Vegetable skewers and couscous

Another one for when your fed up of meat and an alternative light lunch to picnics or hot dogs

9) Sausages with fried egg and fried tin potatoes

If you've been missing chips while you've been a way here's a close alternative

10) Corned beef brunch

This ones a filling comfort meal and perfect for brunch - another meal with the tinned potatoes, slice and fry the potatoes and when their nearly ready add chunks of corned beef and beans.

Here's a list of handy ingredients to pack:

A few tins of beans

Sausages, burgers and bacon





Packet of savoury rice

cooking oil



corned beef

Tin of potatoes.





Burger/Hot dog rolls



Tinned tomatoes


Skewer sticks


P.S Don't forget marshmallows to melt on the campfire (or your bags of food like we did).

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