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Two birthdays in one month

September is a big month for our family, both our boys birthdays are in the same month. We have Lincoln's 1st birthday on 11th and Cain's 8th birthday on 21st .

I'm having trouble coming to the realisation that their birthdays are creeping up on us this year. Firstly I really can't believe that it's been nearly a whole year since Lincoln was born, it feels like someone has pressed a fast forward button. It only seemed like a few weeks ago he was tiny and not even weaning and now he's already sitting up, trying to copy every word we say and developing his own little personality, he laughs hysterically at his big brother all the time and loves eating everybody's food. Then there's Cain, even the thought of him turning 8 seems crazy and what's even crazier is the how big and grown up Cain seems to us now he has a baby brother. He waited for a brother for so long and now their bond is already unbreakable, they even share a bedroom after Cain insisting he wanted Lincoln to move to his room. 8 years have gone so fast and now he's already becoming a 'big kid', he's starting to gain independence and become his own person (sometimes by being cheeky).

It will be our first year with two children's birthdays to celebrate. I feel that we're excited, unprepared and a little bit sad all at the same time. We still have to plan two parties and get their presents so were gonna have to start planning things soon, Its been a fun but fast year and I definitely hope next year feels a little slower. I'm feeling very grateful that Cain still loves playing with his toys and using his fantastic imagination to play right now and hope that stays long enough to play with his little brother with it.

We have no plans at all so far but will definitely be posting lots of birthday ideas soon. There's lots of planning to do and not much time.

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