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10 fun outdoor learning activities

Most kids don't want to be stuck indoors all day, some even prefer being outdoors for the majority of their time so why not take advantage of that and take your learning outdoors. As well as being fun and educational for the kids it does a load of good for us parents to get out of the house once in a while too. Here's 10 outdoor learning activities we do, why not give them a go.

1 - Word hunt

This one is brilliant for kids not keen on writing or spelling. We chose ten flash cards with words on and get Cain to copy them into a list, we then hide the words all over the garden and get Cain to use his list to search for them and tick them off the list as he finds them - he earns stickers for his chart for finding all the words (We even managed to do this one while camping).

2- Nature diary -

Why not get your kids to make a nature diary. Every time you go for a walk find something new to add to it.

3 - Giant chalks

We use giant chalks on the garden wall and path to write spelling words, do form drawing and even maths.

4 - A nice view -

Find a beautiful view on a nature walk and bring paints and pencils along to draw or paint the scenery, even flower beds in local parks are good for this.

5 - Outdoor music lessons -

Take music lessons outside with homemade instruments and find out what you can make different sounds with in your garden. You could even have a go at making garden drums.

6- Obstacle course -

Use hula hoops, football cones and garden toys to create an obstacle course and then get the kids to create their own afterwards.

7 - Measuring garden objects -

We give Cain a measuring tape and a list of garden objects, then he measures everything and writes the measurements next to the correct item.

8 - Rhyme catch -

Say a word every time you throw the ball then a word that rhymes when the ball is caught.

9 - Nature sticks -

Take string on your nature walk, find a big stick and tie interesting things you find on your walk to the stick that you can learn about when you get home.

10 - Build dens -

Pack a bag with some blankets and pegs and use them to make dens in forestry areas.

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