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Tips on camping with babies and kids

Our first family camping trip

After going camping for the first time with our baby and seven-year-old this year and having a really good time but a few disasters, I decided to make a list of tips to help other families that are planning their first camping trip; have a read and get the most out of your family camping trips.

- If you're formula feeding your baby, sterilise bottles before you go and put them in zip-seal freezer bags, then just pack ready made cartons of formula and you're sorted.

- If your not experienced family campers look for a campsite that offers tents to rent, that way when you arrive your tent is already set up avoiding a stressful arrival.

- We used our carry cot that came with our pram and put it next to where we slept, it was really cosy and saved us buying something suitable for a baby to sleep in.

- Keep meals simple for your first night, it could take longer than you expect to be able to sit down and eat.

- Get mini multi packs of cereal and use the cereal bags as bowls to save on washing up and make breakfast fun for the kids.

-Don't over pack on clothes and toys, but do pack plenty of blankets and clothes for all weather as even on boiling days it can get freezing in a tent for younger kids (and yourself).

- Pack a Board game or pack of cards for boredom busters on a rainy day or night.

- Pack a few torches and plenty of batteries, so going for the loo in the night doesn't become a challenge.

- Lastly DO NOT forget your food like we did Camping in Wales.

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Kids Camping
Baby camping in a yurt tipi

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