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Camping in Wales

This year we had our first camping trip as a family of four, we stayed at Tafarn-y Garreg campsite at one of the Brecon Beacons national parks. With Lincoln still on formula milk in sterilised bottles and the fact that we weren't taking a car,we knew we could be in for a few challenges. When we arrived (with what felt like way too much stuff), we were luckily able to upgrade to a small yurt at a discounted price, instead of the tent we had stupidly booked that probably would have only been enough room for our stuff and not us!

Our camp site was small and relaxing, we were the only people there so we had the toilet and shower to ourselves, as well as a hammock, tree swing and lots of fire pits (to Cain's delight).There was a little river joined onto the campsite where Cain spent hours playing near. We were surrounded by nothing but farms and only seen the odd farmer or group of hikers the whole time we were there; the site was owned by the pub across the road (the only public building in sight).

The sun was out and all seemed well, until we realised that even though we had over packed with loads of junk , we had forgotten one of the most important bags with our food and most of our fire wood. This problem caused a whole bunch of problems, firstly there was no shop or people in sight and the pub had shut early because the owners had gone out for the afternoon, we then realised there was no signal in the area at all!

In the end Jamie took a three hour trek to an overpriced shop that didn't sell much, just to get food for the night, he had no idea where (or how far) he was going and we had no way of contacting each other or anyone else, while i tried to occupy two, bored hot and hungry boys at the site. Luckily the next day Jamie managed to get a lift to Swansea from the pub owners to get shopping and a local farmer let us have fire wood. We could finally relax (apart from the shower not working for us either).

Two places that we did find near the site are Dan-yr-Ogof caves and Craig-uy-nos castle, if your looking for a day out with the kids nearby. There's also loads of farm animals and wildlife everywhere, Cain fed Llamas and horses in the fields around us and we were kept awake every night strangely by two very loud peacocks!

All in all our first family camping trip was eventful but loads of fun.

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